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The major reason that property owners have to repair or replace the roof of their building is almost always down to storms. Hail, flying debris, and loose or cracked roofing materials are the chief culprits. It’s extremely important to have someone come out to check your roof if you suspect that it has been damaged in a recent storm. Small unchecked leaks can quickly become big problems necessitating a full roof replacement if left to their own devices. Not sure if your roof needs a repair or a replacement? Or maybe you just experienced a particularly strong storm and you´re not sure what state your roof is in? Give us a call, we’d be happy to come out and inspect it for you! If your roof does require any repairs, we can give you an estimate on the spot.

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Storm Damage Repair

Heavy storms can be devastating to our property. Especially in Texas, where storms can sometimes be unpredictable, bringing heavy rain, strong winds, or hail. But don´t worry, Rockwall Roofing Co can help you with any repairs you need. We have many years of experience repairing residential and commercial roofs that have incurred damage from Texan storms. The most common types of damage are from:


This is by far the most frequent damage seen on roofs. Rainfall can run into any nook or cranny that isn’t sealed tight, causing rot and mold. This is especially common if your roof has drainage problems, the accumulated water can really wreak havoc.


This type of damage is easier to detect visually than other types of damage. Missing shingles, broken or cracked tiles, and pieces of roofing on the ground are all telltale signs of wind damage. Additionally, broken limbs or fallen trees are a good sign that your roof could have been compromised. Fortunately, most warranties cover wind damage of up to 60 mph.


Large hailstones can create significant damage. If the stone is larger than an inch in diameter it can remove the granules from your shingles, split them down the middle, crack tiles, or punch holes in metal paneling.

If you suspect any kind of damage from water, wind, or hail, please give us a call right away. We can quickly inspect your roof to give you the peace of mind you need.


The greatest danger of a storm is that, if the outer roofing material is compromised, it makes the under layers vulnerable to water damage. In order to detect if your roof has any leaks you should follow these three steps:


Check for drainage issues. Are your gutters working properly? Make sure they aren’t clogged with debris or cracked. If you have a flat roof make sure that there isn’t any standing or pooling water that can’t drain properly.


Look around the property for stray roofing material. If you find stray shingles, tile shards, or granules, your roof has probably been damaged.


Inspect the top floor nearest the roof. Check the ceiling and the walls carefully for water staining, bubbling in the drywall, or reflective areas. Those are sure signs of leakage.

If you’ve followed the given tips, but you’re still not sure if you have a leak, the safest thing is to give us a call for a quick inspection. We have specialized equipment that can help us swiftly and efficiently give you a definitive answer.

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Does your roof need repair or replacement?

Once you’ve detected that your roof is damaged either from a recent storm or just from age, it’s important to evaluate the extent of that damage to know if it can be repaired or if the whole thing should be replaced. Usually, we can repair the roof if it has light shingle, shingle, or coating damage. As long as the underlayment and decking is still intact without major damage, we can repair the roof by patching the affected area. However, this type of repair must happen immediately to avoid moisture getting in where the damage has occurred. Generally, anything more serious than the previously mentioned damage will require a replacement. Signs of severe damage necessitating a replacement are: obvious sagging in the ceiling, signs of water damage like staining, bubbling paint, or mold, and the age of the building or roofing materials. Most roofs that are 20 years old or more need to be inspected frequently.

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“We recently commissioned Rockwall Roofing to install a new asphalt shingle roof for our brand new home in Rockwall. Out of all the bids, RR worked with us the most to get the best pricing, materials, and overall look we wanted. They communicated with us every step of the way and made us feel at ease with our home’s final design. The end result turned out better than we could have imagined, and we are thrilled we chose the materials we did. We highly recommend this roofing company – you won’t regret it!”

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The key to a long roof lifespan is preventative maintenance.

The best way to ensure the longevity of your roofing system and of the building itself is to practice good preventative maintenance. This is the best way to avoid premature damage and to get the most out of your roof. We recommend doing a regular outdoor and indoor inspection routine. Typically, a preventative maintenance routine includes:

 (check for cracks, dents, missing shingles or granules, gaps, standing water, etc.)
DEBRIS REMOVAL: (clear all drains, gutters, and ventilation outlets)
RESEALING: (calk any cracks or gaps around pipes, vents, or other protrusions)

Practicing regular preventative maintenance can often be an arduous task and can require specialized equipment to ensure safety. For that reason, we recommend a professional inspection first. Once we´ve inspected your roof, we can create a simplified personalized preventative maintenance program for your building, so you know what to look for specifically as well as potential problem areas for your specific roof. Call now for your first inspection and specialized program.

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